Tables - comparison of state expenditure and cost per tax payer for the National Church Vs. other religious groups in Iceland 2012

ISK - Icelandic kronas

  All state relig expenditure 2012 All fees % of all fees no. of members 16 yo and older members as % of total fee per member 16 yo or older   
  Thjodkirkjan 3.644.715.454 ISK 93,575% 190734 76,8% 19.109 ISK  
  Other religious groups 250.240.176 ISK 6,425% 29748 12,5% 8.412 ISK  
  Outside and undefined 0 0,000% 27939 10,7% 0 ISK  
  sum: 3.894.955.630 ISK 100% 220482 100%    
  This table shows how much more the Thjodkirkjan was receiving from the Icelandic state fund for each of its member (16 years old and older) compared to what other groups got.  
  The difference is 2.3 fold (230%) in favour of the Thjodkirkjan (National Church of Iceland (State Church)).  - Svanur Sigurbjörnsson, january 17. 2013.  
  Numbers are adobted from the National Registry of Iceland and the website of the Thjodkirkjan   
  Cost per tax payer:  
  No of people paying income tax1 156018
  Each paying then* 24.965 ISK 23.361 ISK to Thjodkirkjan  
    1.604 ISK to 38 other religious groups  
      0 ISK to Non-religious groups  
  *Given that this cost is only covered by income tax by the state.  
  1It was 0.62 of the population according to the Directorate of Internal Revenue in Iceland.